Road to EYOF 2019 "Fis cup Jahorina"

On the first day of the competition, Pale native skier Maja Tadić, and Bosnia and Herzegovina's Olympic champion, Emir Lokmić, won the giant slalom on the first day of the FIS race "Jahorina 2018". Both of them continued their good form from the previous days when they celebrated one slalom on the Pale Maja Tadic celebrated in the girls' competition in front of Shejla Merdanovic, also a BiH national team, for a second and 84 hundredths, and Viktorija Bolesic from Serbia, who remained for 2.44 seconds for the winner.

In mens competition, Emir Lokmić again came in front of Mark Šljivić, who also showed good form on domestic skiing, and this time he was 31st behind Lokmić. The third goal was passed by Samuel Revucki from Slovakia. Vedran Selak was 13, Dino Terzic 15, Strahinja Djokanovic 19, and Tariq Pilav 23.EYOF 2019 used this test event to test seven of its sectors, namely Catering, Marketing, Ceremony, Security, Medical, IT and Technical Organizer, The second day of the giant slalom event was cancelled due to weather conditions.