EYOF 2019 Closing ceremony

European youth festival- EYOF 2019, hosted by Sarajevo and East Sarajevo will officially close tomorrow in East Sarajevo.

East Sarajevo parliament president Miroslav Lucic stated that as a part of the closing ceremony, medals will be given to the winners of events that are being held tomorrow, EYOF flag will be passed to the host of the next EYOF, finally the Olympic flame will be quenched and this year’s festival will be over.

Miroslav Lucic stated that officials from Republika Srpska and BiH, representatives of host cities, diplomatic core of BiH, and national commities of countries participating in this year’s EYOF will be present on the closing ceremonies.

“Representatives of the Finnish city Lahtija, hosts of EYOF 2021, will also be present” announced Lucic.

President of EYOF coordination commission Jozef Liba praised this year’s organization, stating that the participants didn’t have any complains.

“This is a good prerequisite for further growth of winter sports in BiH” said Liba, also stating that tomorrow’s closing ceremony will be a good opportunity for the host cities to show their hospitality and with that encourage people to come back again.

Deputy director of EYOF Natko Sudzuka stated that he is pleased with how it all turned out, and he said special thanks to Sarajevo and East Sarajevo institutions as well as others who help with organizing this festival.

“I am confident that closing ceremonies will be marvelous and that it will all go according to plan” said Sudzuka.

Spokesman of East Sarajevo Aleksandra Berjan stated precisely that the closing ceremonies of EYOF will start at 19:30 in front of the City Municipal Office.

She also stated that before the ceremonies a band from Belgrade “Van Gogh” will hold a concert starting at 18:00, and after the closing another band “Miligram” will also play, starting at 20:30.

It was announced because of the closing ceremonies the security in East Sarajevo will be at it’s maximum.