The last medal ceremony

The last day of competitions in alpine skiing was on Jahorina in men’s Giant Slalom. The winner of the gold medal was Amdal Andreas Soensterud from Norway with passing time of 2:09.95. CrossCountry sprint was also held today, both male and female. First place went to Andreas Bergsland form Norway.

Also today competition in Snowboard Big Air was held at mt.Bjelasnica, in both male and female group. In the men’s group the winner was Nick Pounter from Switzerland, he won 184,25 points. In the female group the winner was Bianca Gisler also from Switzerland, she won 167 points.

In Mirza Delibasic arena in Sarajevo figure skating competition was closed. In the men’s group winner was a Russian competitor Ilya Yabolkov who accumulated 211,42 points.

Fourth day of competition was marked by ice hockey games. The match for the third place was held between Russia and Finland. In this exciting match Finnish team emerged out on top winning 3:1. Last day of figure skating at Mirza Delibasic Arena at Skenderija saw 29 girls and 15 boys competing.

The winner was the amazing Anna Scherbakova who since yesterday is in lead, today she cemented her win with 202,79 points.

At the final ice hokey game of EYOF 2019, team from Czech Republic defeated Belorussia with a result 3:1.

Final ice hockey game drew a lot of public attention so the stands were almost full with fans and onlookers. 35 years ago on the same place Czechoslovakia defeated Soviet Union in the Olympic games.

Half final in carling are being played by UK and Poland, and in the second game between Switzerland and Hungary. Both games start at 9:00, while the finals will be played at 13:30.

Official medal award ceremony of the last day of competition will take place in East Sarajevo and after the final closing ceremony EYOF 2019 will be officially closed.

Friends of EYOF 2019 have again prepared fun activities at Skenderija plateau starting at 17:00 and also with live feed of award ceremonies at 19:30. In these activities a lot of school from BiH and friends of EYOF will also participate.