Cross Country and Snowboard competitions are closed

The competition in CrossCountry Sprint for both men and women is over. First place was won by Andreas Berglsand from Norway. Second place was Russian skier Artem Maximov and third place was won by another Russian skier Sergey Volkov.

In the female category, first place went to Monika Skinder from Poland, second place was Alena Baranova from Russia, and the winner of third place was Sigrid Leseth Foeyen from Norway.

Today was the last day of Snowboard Big Air competition, in both male and female category. The winner in male category was Nick Pounter from Switzerland, he won 184,25 points. Second place was a Lithuanian Motiejus Morauskas, hewon 183 points. Bronze medal went to a competitor from UK Gabrel Adams. He won 168,25 points.

In the female category the gold medal was won by Bianca Gisler from Switzerland, she won 167 points. Second place was Lena Mueller who won 155,75 points. Bronze medal was won by Espeli Stine Olsen from Norway, she won 118,75.