Current results from the venues

Men’s Giant slalom race at mount Jahorina right on schedule this morning at 10:00. Race finished in favor of Norwegian skier Amdal Andreas Soensteruda, he won the gold medal with the passing time of 2:09.95. Second place went to Russian skier Nikita Kazazev with time 2:10.23 and the third place was won by Matteo Benedotti from Italy with time 2:10.23. All summed up, best results on mount Jahorina had Austrian competitors who won 3 gold medals while one went to Norwegian skiers.

On Bjelasnica this morning we saw ending of qualifications for men’s and women’s snowboard big air and the finals are being held right now. Everything is going according to schedule.

On mt.Igman we saw the ending of quarter finals in sprint classic technique for both men and women. We are soon expecting names of the first finalists.

Women’s Figure skating competition(free form) started half an hour ago at Olympic hall “Mirza Delibasic” at Skenderija, also, the fight for the 5th place in ice hockey at Zetra where at 12:00 teams from Slovakia and Switzerland will compete.

“Peki” Pale hall saw the start of carling competition at 09:30, best placed team currently are UK and Denmark.