The first volunteer training has started

Training for volunteers called "About EYOF" will be held at the hotel Hollywood, from the 8th to the 11th of January.

The first training was attended by 124 new volunteers from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. Director Senahid Godinjak, representatives of the volunteer's sector Nela Cikotić, Haris Frašto, Nadina Gagula, and Alen Zemuni addressed the volunteers.

During his speech, director Senahid Godinjak expressed gratitude to the volunteers, congratulated them on their decision to become volunteers, and also emphasized the importance of volunteering. He pointed out that young people should be given an opportunity to represent EYOF in the best possible way, through various forms of participation and assistance. However, he said that Bosnia and Herzegovina can not be compared to more developed countries, but it should present itself as a good host country which should be considered when it comes to organizing large sports events.

Nela Cikotić introduced EYOF 2019 to the attendees, and also introduced activities which have been done in sectors so far. She presented in detail everything about the sport competitions which will be held, the accommodation that would be hosting athletes and volunteers who are not from Sarajevo. She explained where Medal Plaza would be, the location of the ceremony halls, the press centre, transport and where the hotels that will be accommodating athletes are located.

During the four days of training, representatives of all sectors will be addressing the volunteers so they will be presented with the operational plan of each sector, and in this way, volunteers will decide which sector they prefer.

The application for volunteers, through which 1800 volunteers from all over Europe were registered, was closed on November 20th.