The mascot Groodvy is placed in the Olympic park in Pale

In the Olympic park in Pale, the time counter has started working, and it will be counting the time until the beginning of the large sports event — European Youth Olympic festival — EYOF 2019 which will be held from 9th to 16th February in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo. Groodvy, the mascot of the EYOF 2019 has been placed in Olympic park in Pale.

"This is the best place for placing the time counter and Groodvy. They have met here, the Olympic snowflake that symbolizes the Olympics 1984 on one side and the Groodvy mascot of EYOF 2019," Vuković said.

He said that this was the first one in series of the events that would take a place until the beginning of the Olympics and an event which is a promotional character, he has also shown gratitude to everyone who had helped in making everything ready for the EYOF.

"We are returning to the organization of the large competitions in winter sports. This is an opportunity for us to show that we can do great things," Vuković said.

He pointed out that EYOF was an opportunity for the promotion of the tourist capacities because the competitors and teams from 46 countries would be staying here. Vuković added that in February with help of experts, clubs, ski associations and people of goodwill he would succeed to send-off visitors who would wish to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina again. Vuković thanked Olympic committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina which financed the making of mascot Groodvy for EYOF 2019 company which placed the time counter.

Vice president of the Olympic committee BiH Izet Rađo said that this event significantly increased the potential of East Sarajevo and Sarajevo as destinations which could manage the large competitions with which the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina was changing.

"The most important is that over here is the place of meeting the nice past ZOI84's Vučko and nice future Groodvy," Rađo said.

Olympian Momo Skoko said that today, 35 years after the Winter Olympic games in Sarajevo EYOF evoked memories and, he also said that athletes were real ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina because they were representing it in the right way.