Reception of diplomates in the Olympic committee of BiH

In the spaces of the Olympic museum in Sarajevo there was a breakfast that took place for the ambassadors of European countries in BiH, that are participants of EYOF 2019. Breakfast was organized by EYOF 2019 Sarajevo & East Sarajevo as well as the Olympic committee of BiH.

With this oppourtunity, the ambassadors were shown the project fo EYOF 2019, the possibilites of their involvment in the project, as well as the possibility in the opening Ceremony as well as the closing Ceremony of the Festival.

“The goal of The International Community EYOF 2019 is to raise awareness of EYOF 2019 event among the embassies and international community in Sarajevo. Our principal ambition is to establish an efficient and strong partnership with You and the Embassy/organization as all well as with the whole related community supporting the Festival and help the EYOF 2019 and its mission to succeed. Therefore, we would like to invite and encourage You to play an active and important role in supporting the young athletes from European countries while enjoying the experience of witnessing and being part of EYOF 2019”, was the message from EYOF 2019.

The work meeting was held by Jakub Nesnidal, the representative of the International community of EYOF 2019 and Jasmin Ademović, the marketing manager of EYOF 2019. Also the director of „EYOF 2019“ d.o.o. Senahid Godinjak and the general secretary of The Olympic Committee of BiH Said Fazlagić addressed to the immanent.

“The EYOF 2019 team would be truly pleased if Embassies representatives could participate in ceremonial and protocol events like welcoming the arriving athletes of your country in Sarajevo, taking parts in medal ceremonies or inviting your national delegation to the Embassy for a meeting or social event”, said Senahid Godinjak.

The secreatry of the OC of BiH put emphasis that this project can improve the collaboration of the embassies and the olympic committees.

„We think that inviting and bringing the winner of a medal in 1984 or any of the famous participants of your country would be an amazing promotion of the competition as well as the country that you represent in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said Fazlagić.