Chef de Mission Seminar – 87 days until EYOF 2019

It is the second day of The Chef de Mission Seminar at the hotel Termag. The second day started with a formal opening, as well as Jozef Liba’ s and the director of „EYOF 2019“ ltd., Senahid Godinjak’s addresses to the public.

As well, there was a press conference which was attended by the Director of „EYOF 2019“ ltd. Senahid Godinjak, President of the Olympic Commitee BiH Siniša Kisić, Assistant to the Minister of Family, youth and sport at Goverment of Republic of Srpska, Dragan Jaćimović, Assistant to the Minister of Civil affairs , Mirela Mandal and the Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

Senahid Godinjak stressed out the signifigance of the Seminary for the Organization Committee of EYOF 2019.

„Here today, as well as these three days, we want to present everything that we have prepared with our Project documents for all of the segments of the organization. Today the delegates of the participating countries, 46 of them, that is how many of them confirmed their participation on EYOF 2019, they need to hear and accept the concept that we have prepared, so they have a totally clear picture about the complications about their arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo, form their stay in the hotel and all of the activites about the opening and closing ceremonies“, said Godinjak.

Godinjak let the public know that the week before they had a presentation of the Progress report on the 47th General asembly of the European Olympic committee in Spain, where most of the countries confirmed their entry.

„Something that especially brings joy to us, and we had a little surprise about that, is that the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committee made a decision about holding a session just before the Opening ceremony of the Games. We want to thank them for everything that the European Olympic Committee did for us, and especially what the Olympic committee Of Bosnia and Herzegovina did for us“, said Godinjak.

The Director of „EYOF 2019“ ltd reminded the immanent that yesterday another important meeting was finished, Seminary of technical delegates. As they had the opportunity to visit all of the venues in the two past days, as well as going through the complete plan of holding these disciplines on the according venues with the event and venue managers.

„Something that makes me proud that all of the eight sports and all of the eight technical delegates, on the official meeting with the represenatives of the Coordination comission of the Organizational committee and technical delegates, they expressed one big thrill and wonderment that in such short notice, since their last inspection, that we provided that there isnt any challenges on all of the venues“, said Godinjak.

The President of the Olympic committee of BiH, Siniša Kisić said that the Olympic committee of BiH is the accomplice to getting the opportunity to organize the 14. Winter youth Olympic festival.

„It is a coincidence that this is the fourteenth EYOF, and the fourteenth olympics were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1984. On this EYOF, after 35 years, there will be much more athletes and a lot more staff then there was on the Olympics in 1984, though with less disciplines“, said Kisić.

From the first candidature, in 2009, there was a lot of support from the cities Sarajevo and East Sarajevo up until organizing this event.

„Im assured that the heritage, which will stay after EYOF, will live on and stay as the Olympic spirit as well as the Olympic values and that the new generations will rebirth the idea for an even bigger sporting event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let it be the heritage and the consideration for the future. I wish to all of the participants, athletes, and immanent to have an successful stay and work on these Olympic beauties“, added Kisić.

Dragan Jaćimović, assistant to the minister of Family, youth and sport in the Government of Republic of Srpska emphasized his appreciation that the cities of East Sarajevo and Sarajevo will be sporting cities in less than three months.

„We are pleased with the works, and something that especially pleases me is that on Dvorišta there are conditions for it to be a world sport center. And i hope that the host cities, Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, show their hospitality. So we can have a reason that EYOF becomes a pledge for something bigger, like the Winter Olympics“, said Jaćimović.

The Ministry of civil affairs is the first national authority that recognized the importance of this project.

„In 2015 in the council of minister, on a initative of the Ministry of civil affairs, secured financial funds in amount of 1.900.000,00KM. We are proud because we have been coordinators here since the beginning and led the story in a sense of that we gathered all of the levels of adminstrative organization so we can close that financial construction“, said Mirela Mandal, assistant of the minister of civil affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, said that he will do everything in his power so he can make this the best organized EYOF until now.

„We want to wake up the Olympic spirit and to refresh the memories on the Olympics held in 1984. The second key message that youth and sports break down all of the barriers, and Sarajevo will do anything in its might to make a event like this keeps getting organized. Im urging everyone to continue helping in organizing this event“, said Skaka.