EYOF 2019 from this day is richer for its first Diamond sponsor, which is JEEP. Transport is one of the most important links in organizing EYOF 2019. We ensured that our guests have a safe and a pleasant transport to all of our locations.

The director of „EYOF 2019“ d.o.o . Senahid Godinjak today signed the first sponsor deal with the director of ACI Sarajevo Mirsad Hamzić as well as the director of „Market Auta“ Slobodan Novaković. The value of the deal is 100.000.00 KM.

„These companies recognized the opportunity to be a part of EYOF 2019. It is important that we addressed this matter on time. In august we received three vehicles, and after that 30 vehicles that we will use on seminars for technical delegates and Chief de Missions. Lastly we will get 60 vehicles for usage with different specifications which will be available to the complete organization committee for solving of different operations.“ said Godinjak.

In the name of the company „Market auto“ d.o.o. Laktaši the marketing manager Aleksandar Stijaković addressed the media. He pointed out that he believes that these specific models of JEEP automobiles will contribute to the visual presentation of this event.

„I believe that EYOF will put on the map which shows that there is potential for young people here. JEEP will contribute their share, in which we want to show adventurousness and its youthful spirit.“ said Stijaković.

Except signing the deal, JEEP and EYOF 2019 prepared a party for volunteers and our fellow citizens, which starts at 20:00 pm. This is as well the last invitation to the volunteers that want to apply, considering the application process ends 20th of Nov.

Link of the TV feature on ELTA TV: