From 13th - 15th October 2017, in the premises of Networks (Start-up and business innovation canter), held an ideathon / competition for the most creative solution for the mascot of the European Youth Olympic Festival 2019 (EYOF). Through an online application, a total of 29 solutions (mascot idea) were received, of which 15 mascots ideas were chosen for the competition only, in order to meet the selection criteria (the contesters had to submitt working documents - drawings and narrative description of the idea).

The competition was originally scheduled to be held from 09.-11. In October, however, due to great interest, the deadline for applications was extended, and the competition was held in the above-mentioned period.

Mentors for three days were Sabina Cvjetkovic, Zdravko Cvjetkovic, Vladimir Kosic, and members of the jury were: Jasmin Ademovic (EYOF 2019), Elvir Nisic (City of Sarajevo), Vinka Berjan (City of East Sarajevo), Bojan Hadzihalilovic (Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo ), Grujo Bjeković (University of East Sarajevo) and Elena Andželić (Networks).

A total of 23 young people from 6 cities of BiH created 15 ideas. Mascots received grades according to the following criteria: first impression, idea, technical performance.

The ratings are expressed through the plus and minus, by 5 members of the jury.

All members of the jury rated the three mascots with the same number of votes (they got three pluses on all three of the above items), and the mascots that went in the final round are: Groodvy, Jazo Bjelaš and Ježos. Special attention was given to the youngest member on the performance of the mascot Bijanka.

Members of the jury agreed that the mascot Groodvy was the first three ideas for the ease of performance, innovation in the sense of the mascot itself (the only one was not an animal form), and in a neutral way symbolizes and represents our mountains.






After the competition, on October 20, three selected mascot design solutions were posted on Facebook and the Instagram profiles of EYOF 2019, and the audience had the opportunity to vote and decide which mascot would be the winning. After five days of public vote, the audience decided that Groodvy was the official mascot EYOF 2019 with a total of 3,353 votes, while Ježos had 3,228 votes and Jazzy 1,008 votes. The winner mascot was work by the agency "Visia" d.o.o. from eastern Sarajevo. Mascot was officially presented at another Sarajevo Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, called Sarajevo Unlimited, where the prize was awarded to the winner in the amount of 1500 KM.