Alpine skiing ( Team parallel slalom)

Bjelašnica is the highest ski center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Mount Maglić with 2,386 m above sea level). Mountain Bjelašnica is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located southwest, at a distance of only 25 km from Sarajevo. It is the Igman Mountain, where most of the XIV Winter Olympics in the Alpine and Nordic disciplines as well as the 1984 jumps were held. Winter in Bjelašnica lasts from November to May. A special attraction is high snow cover which can reach up to several meters. At the highest point at 2,067m above sea level, a meteorological station was built in 1894, which is also the highest permanent residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The summit itself was named after the Observatory, and the mountain itself is white with stones and snow, which remain on the mountain tops until August.


Alpine skiing ( slalom, giant slalom)

Jahorina is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina belonging to the Dinaric mountain system. The highest peak is Ogorjelica with 1,916m above sea level. In the summer, it is covered with thick green grass, and in winter, up to 3 m high snow.

Excellent terrain configuration, plenty of high-quality snow, suitable climate, 20 kilometers of alpine track trails as well as mild slopes (Rajska dolina), have included this mountain among the most beautiful and most famous ski centers. The average number of days with snow cover at Jahorina is 175, from October to the end of May.

At the 14th Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, alpine disciplines for women were held in Jahorina. Jahorina is 30 km from Sarajevo and 15 km from Pale.


The sports and business center "Peki" Pale is located along the coast of the Miljacka River, between the building of the administrative center of the municipality of Pale and the football stadium "Romanija". Within the Center there is a sports hall measuring 26 x 48 m. The capacity of the stands is 2160 seats and 200 seats for standing in gallery spaces. In the space behind the aut-lines, it is possible to set up another 300 seating chairs. There are currently two halls in operation. Large hall intended for indoor sports: volleyball, basketball, handball, small football and rhythmic gymnastics. The small hall is intended for all types of martial arts and sports. Sport hall has been made and equipped according to the latest world standards, which means that the sports hall "Peki" meets all the requirements for organizing international competitions, both indoor sports and martial arts.
Within thesport  hall there are five modern dressing rooms with wet nooks and shower cubicles. Four locker rooms are intended for athletes and recreation and one dressing room is intended for judge delegates. In addition to locker rooms, there is a sports medicine dispensary.
The hall has its own stage measuring 6 to 8 meters, which serves for the maintenance of public, cultural and entertainment gatherings.
One part of the space in the Sports and Business Center "Peki", about 2000 square meters, is planned for a gym, bowling alley, restaurant, buffet, sports boutiques and table tennis.
In the "Peki" Hall there are offices for the management of the institution.
The sports hall "Peki" was merged with the Public Cultural Institution "Cultural and Sports Center" Pale.
It was opened on August 27, 2012.


Ice Hockey

OLYMPIC COMPLEX “ZETRA” is located on the land of the shape of a triangle bordered on the north by the stadium Koševo, the east by additional football fields and the cemetery of Sv. Josip, and the west by St. Ali Pašina. It covers an area of over seven hectares. The owner of the complex is ZOI’84 OCS Sarajevo, which is a legal successor to the Organizing Committee of the XIV Winter Olympics.

The complex was designed in 1978 as a multifunctional complex. Designing is entrusted to the Institute for Architectural and Urban Planning from Sarajevo, and the designers are Sarajevo Architects Prof. Dr. Dušan Dapa and Lidumil Alikalfić. By acquiring the XIV Winter Olympics, some changes were made to the project, while the construction of certain facilities was abandoned.

Construction of objects began in June 1981 (stone foundation laid on 26 June1981), and the opening ceremony was on 14 December. In 1982, then president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, opened the Olympic Hall for the World Junior Championships in Figure Skating. It has a capacity of 12,000 seats and can accommodate up to 20,000 people in the case of concerts and similar events.


Figure skating

The Mirza Delibašić Hall is the name for a multipurpose sports hall with accompanying facilities designed to hold sports, cultural, business and entertainment events. The hall was named after Mirza Delibašić, the biggest Bosnian basketball player who played for KK Bosnia. The hall is located in the very center of Sarajevo on the left bank of the River Miljacka and was built on 29 October 1969. The total area of the center is 70,000 m2, and the hall itself has a capacity of around 6,500 seats. The centre is home to the local basketball club Bosna.


Cross country

Veliko Polje on Igman is one of the favorite excursions of Sarajevans during the winter and the rest of the year. Located in the middle of a deep pine forest, the Veliko Polje area is one of the best locations in Europe in terms of air quality. During winter months, Veliko Polje is ideal for dealing with Nordic skiing disciplines, and in this area competitions in Nordic disciplines were held during the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984. Although only a part of the cross-country ski trails destroyed during the last war has been restored today, Veliko Polje still has plenty of opportunities to offer to its visitors, such as Alpine skiing terrains, and routes for Nordic disciplines over 30 km long. In the summer period, this track is used by numerous cyclists, cycling trail thus being one of the most popular destinations in Veliko Polje, and throughout the year the area of Veliko Polje is visited by numerous other athletes and recreational players. On Veliko Polje, there is a ski rent with service, and there is also a bike rental for mountain biking.



Nordic Ski Center the Dvorišta is located at the foot of the Olympic beauty Jahorina at an altitude of 1,350 m. It is about 14 km from Pale. On 27 May this year, the Dvorišta received their regulation plan, which was envisaged to become a modern center for Nordic skiing. Ski Club Romania is making great efforts in building this Nordic ski center. In the immediate vicinity of the shooting site, a beautiful mountain lodge was built for competitors that fit into the natural environment. Dvorišta are a special story in the summer. A beautiful Jahorina environment is hard to leave indifferent. In the summer period, the Dvorišta is home to a weekend tourists , lovers of beautiful nature, mushrooms, peace and refreshing mountain air.


Short track speed skating

City SRC Stadium Slavija is a multifunctional stadium in East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, it is mostly used to play football matches, and represents the home stadium of FK Slavija. The stadium's capacity is 4,000 seats and 2,000 seats.
Official location of the competition in Short track will be the backup stadium of the Footbal team  FC „SLAVIJA“ - The field adaptation for EYOF 2019 is in progress . On this venue  temporary object covered with bubble will be placed with ice sheet inside of it.