In which positions are we looking for volunteers?

Medical service

Medical service naturally represents an integral part of EYOF. The medical volunteer is responsible for the support of the participants and the spectators, until they are transported for medical treatment or doping tests.
patience, basic knowledge in medicine. English language knowledge is an advantage.

Events, ceremonies

What would be the EYOF like without the opening and closing ceremonies or other accompanying events? Or would you like to help us to present the EYOF of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo for the host cities of the forthcoming events? The team of Events & Ceremonies is responsible for the smooth operation of the events, for providing information at the events and during the Observer Program, for guiding the arriving guests, as well as for the flower and award giving ceremonies, where the athletes are handed over the gold-, silver- or bronze medals, so in this scope the volunteers have to be adroit and apt.
If you have always wanted to figure out who lifts the flag at award giving ceremonies or who accompanies the athletes to the venue, this field is the best choice for you.
neat appearance, flexibility, spontaneity, creativity, calm attitude, aptitude. English language knowledge is an advantage, but not a requirement.

VIP services, protocol

In this position you will help to the VIPs in the hotels (Registration and Information counter), and assist the opening and closing ceremony and manage other VIP events.
hospitable, have a good sense of humour, and probably have some experience in cooperating with VIP guests, have experience in the management of protocol events, fluent English and other language knowledge is an advantage; be diplomatic and communicative.

Language services

In case of the most international sport events there is a need for foreign language knowledge. That is why there is a great need for the work of a team providing language services. The assistance of the guests in their own mother tongue is the most crucial task in this field.
English (or German, French, Spanish, Russian) language knowledge at advanced level (C2) / as a first language, flexibility, spontaneity, calm attitude and aptitude.

Marketing, sponsorship

The marketing team facilitates enthusiasm and excitement about EYOF in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo and in its surroundings, besides decorating the vicinity with flags, banners and advertisements. The television and the main national and international sponsors play an important role in this area. The sponsors have to be provided with the best services available, and their rights must be respected. Social Media is another important aspect of the youth festival .So If you would like to be a member of a young and dynamic team, and experience the cooperation with versatile agencies, sponsors and television productions, you must be a volunteer in the field of marketing.
marketing and organizational skills, open minded attitude, local knowledge and English language knowledge is an advantage.

Provision of general information

The participants have special requirements for smooth information flow during the events. You will be one of the contact persons for the athletes and their attendants, their officials and for those who are interested, who can turn to you with their questions, even at their accommodation, at the Olympic centre or at the airports or at other busy transport interchanges. The information network and the chance for asking questions is available, however there will be situations surely when you must rely on your own knowledge, problem solving skill or politeness. Besides, we rely on you in distributing information leaflets.
open-minded, sociable personality, practical skills, ability to work in a team, local knowledge and English language knowledge is a requirement.

Transport, logistics

Local transportation among the hotels, training venues and the venues of the competitions is very important for the athletes, the trainers and the leaders of the teams. The workplace is the main transportation and logistics centre or the transport counters, hotels, airports, railway stations and all the other possible routes. You must express not only your leadership skills but your coordination skills. The logistics department is responsible for all the transportation, storage and distributional activities concerning the EYOF. Further tasks, which are related to this function, are the coordination and organization of particular consignments according to the deadlines. You will support and coordinate the logistic procedures and you will work as a member of a team.
local knowledge, English language knowledge. Availability prior to the event is an advantage.

Team attendant (NOC assistant)

As a team attendant you are going to be the contact person (NOC assistant) for the leaders of the delegations of the participating countries. Your task will be to accompany the delegations (athletes, team leaders) during their daily activities, and to help them to solve arising problems or to answer questions. The tasks will be delegated according to language knowledge.
English and/or other languages spoken in Europe, basic skills for administration, local knowledge, calm and professional attitude, flexibility, responsibility. Availability from 1 to 30 February 2019


As a sport volunteer you will work at the venue of the sport events. You will have administrative tasks, for example at the competition office, especially in the preparation and maintenance of the venues, and in case of handling the sport events. Furthermore, your task will be to support the athletes and the team leaders when they need your assistance (e.g. catering). You will also support and facilitate the work of the reporters with your help, or cheer with the help of your positive attitude to motivate the spectators.
The tasks are versatile and include outdoor and indoor activities. That is why we need volunteers who meet with the below criterias.
be interested in- and enthusiastic about sports,good management and organizational skills, stress tolerance, basic computer skills, open personality or someone who likes actively taking part in team work, foreign language knowledge is an advantage.

Media, communication

Such a spectacular event like the EYOF, draws the attention of the national and international media. The support of the journalists and the photographers to have access to the highest quality of broadcast is provided by the team responsible for Media & Communication of the Organizing Committee of EYOF 2019. Your tasks will imply the support of the representatives of media in the press centre and at the venues designated exclusively for the media. As a media volunteer your duty is provide the distribution of information in time, to help the organization and coordination of press conferences, and together with the Media and Communication team to ensure that the news of the Festival could appear worldwide in media.
interest and experience in the field of media and journalism, basic knowledge in media organization, fluent English language skills. Further language knowledge is an advantage.

Accommodation, catering

You help the athletes and their attendants in the organization and the coordination of accommodation (Olympic village at more venues), check-in, check-out, handling technical tasks of accommodation (changing towels, filling up non-durable goods, etc.)
Catering has a crucial role in all the events. If you are a volunteer in this field, you are responsible for the support of versatile activities, such as catering lunch (keep the tables clean, handle the cutleries, waste management etc.), take away lunch orders (lunch box) etc. In cooperation with the responsible coordinator of catering you will be in charge of catering the athletes and their attendants, the media, the personnel and the VIP guests.
friendly, open minded attitude, calm personality, practical features, ability to work in a team, good communication skills, sociable and patient by nature. English knowledge and experience in catering is an advantage.


More thousands people have to be accredited during the EYOF. The accreditation card shows who is allowed to enter the areas. If you choose to be a volunteer in the field of accreditation, the venue where you must work is the Central Accreditation Office, where the cards are issued and handed out. Your task is to help the process of application, to replace the lost cards and to issue new ones. If you are interested in office job, and would like to take part in one of the key roles of the Olympic Games, this is the most suitable place for you!
love working with people, experienced in using Office programmes, English language knowledge is an advantage.

Event venue-management

In this field you will support the management activities as a volunteer directly at the venues of the events. Your task will be to install the stands, barriers, tents, sound- and lighting techniques, etc. Furthermore, you are going to be the contact person for the versatile client groups, and an important contact between the whole management of the venue and all the other partners.
flexibility, stamina, calmness, English language knowledge. Technical knowledge is an advantage.


You are going to assist the security team at the borders of the accreditation zones. Your task will be to check accreditation cards, tickets and to provide information at the entrances.
English knowledge, good problem solving skills, respectful communication.